CareFusion Infant Flow Sipap

CareFusion Infant Flow Sipap


The Infant Flow nCPAP System delivers gentle respiratory support to help your smallest patients live the live they just started. The Infant Flow SiPAP System, combined with the patented variable flow generator, provides noninvasive positive pressure ventilation, by offering nasal CPAP, Biphasic and Biphasic tr* modalities. This ventilator contains reliable technology to help reduce ventilator days and improve oxygenation for your neonatal patient.

The increased safety and versatility of this ventilator make it simple to monitor and enhance treatment and patient comfort. Full integrated alarm package, 2 hours of battery backup and a screen-locking feature help prevent inadvertent changes. The Infant Flow nCPAP takes the work out of breathing, allowing precious calories to be used for growth and development.

This item is only available for rental.

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