Alaris 7230 Infusion Pump

Alaris 7230 Infusion Pump


Infusion therapy involves the administration of medication intravanously or as an intramuscular injection. Intravenous infusion is typically only used when other oral options are not available or unsuccessful. But when it comes to intravenous infusion , you'll want the right kind of machine to do the job correctly.

The Alaris 7230 is that machine. The 7230 allows for either continuous or intermittent infusion, depending upon the needs of the patient. This form of infusion can be used intravenously, intra-arterially, subcutaneously, epidurally, or enterally.

The thing that sets the Alaris 7230 apart from other infusion systems is its unique flow regulator; this controlling device minimizes accidental free-flow anytime a set is removed from the infusion instrument. This pump is also equipped with adiminstration sets that are designed for use with the instruments as well as for gravity-flow and stand-alone use.

Infusion services may be needed for a number of medical conditions; most often infusion is used when forms of hydration, nutrition, or medication must be administered intravenously.

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