Alaris 8000 PCU

Alaris 8000 PCU


The Alaris 8000 is a point of care unit available for adult, pediatric, or even neonatal care. The simple interface allows for user ease when programming various infusion and/or monitoring needs. When working with neonates and infants there are many concerns to take into account from the size of the catheter to the personal needs of the small child. Use the Alaris 8000 with the Alaris System in your facility to make infusion therapy simple.

The Alaris System has made infusion difficulties a thing of the past. Alaris pumps, monitors, and infusion system devices are designed work together or separately, depending on the needs of the patient. The Alaris 8000 acts as the PCU or “the brain” while other modules are connected based on patient and facility need. With similar interfaces, the Alaris 8000 and other Alaris infusion systems are easy to operate, and help prevent the likelihood of human error.

We have quality IV Poles available for all infusion pumps.

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