B Braun Horizon NXT Infusion Pump

B Braun Horizon NXT Infusion Pump


The Horizon Nxt® has been developed in response to the special needs of all caregivers in the medical setting. The Horizon Nxt is intended for use with B. Braun Medical Horizon® I.V. sets. This pump has five operating modes:

  • Standard Mode - for simple IV fluid delivery with piggyback capability.
  • Dose Mode - used for administration of medication where concentrations.
  • and doses are critical. The pump will automatically calculate either the dose or rate.
  • Profile Mode - offers a tapered delivery mode for infusing TPN or other fluids requiring ramp up and ramp down time.
  • Program Mode - offers maximum flexibility in customizing IV fluid administration. Up to 9 separate periods of fluid volume can be infused sequentially.
  • q(x)° Mode - can be used for the periodic infusion of antibiotics, chemotherapy or other IV infusions according to a schedule set by the user. Assure that there is a maintenance IV infusing in the intervals between pump infusions.

The pump is equipped with distinct audible and visual alarm signals to indicate KVO, low battery, and actual alarm conditions.

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