About Med One Group

Med One Group is one of the largest independent medical equipment leasing and rental companies in the healthcare industry. With over 30 years in business, Med One has served the nation’s acute care hospitals and many other healthcare facilities with leasing, rental, sales and service solutions. We make medical equipment available with simple processes and dedicated service.

Med One provides medical equipment vendors with custom and simple leasing solutions, giving them a strategic selling advantage. We understand the challenges that equipment vendors and hospitals face and provide creative financing options when cash is not available for purchase. Our strategic vendor partners utilize our solutions to sell more equipment and increase business.

Med One also provides rental equipment to facilities across the country. We specialize in renting and selling infusion pumps, ventilators, patient monitors, beds and more. With multiple locations across the country, we offer peak-need, long-term, and custom rental options that work best within the facility’s budget. We also offer certified biomedical service, ensuring equipment is always tested, clean, and patient ready.

In 2017 Med One Capital officially changed its name to Med One Group. This restructuring allows Med One Capital, Med One Equipment Rental, and Med One Equipment Services to be part of Med One Group. This change helped us organize our services and strengthened the Med One brand. Creativity, Simplicity and Responsiveness still drive everything we do.

3 PILLARS OF SUCCESS Our logo contains three lines (pillars) that represent our core values.

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Being creative is who we are. Each solution is personal and unique because we strive to understand the needs of our customers and vendors.


Med One's simplicity stands out in an industry that can be very complicated. We offer extremely simple documentation and straight forward solutions.


Whether the customer needs an equipment lease quote, peak need rental, or purchase option, we value our customer's time and are responsive during the entire sales process.