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Leasing Testimonials

"We bounced around using many different leasing companies until we found Med One in 2007. Now we have no reason to use anyone else to meet our customers' needs. Med One ensures the leasing process is straightforward and simple, exactly what our customers demand. They are always available and I have never worked with a more professional organization than Med One."

"Through the years, Med One has demonstrated a true partnership mentality when it comes to helping our sales force sell capital equipment. Med One's knowledge of the market and customers served, coupled with their innovative/unique programs, is a tremendous asset to our organization. I can confidently state that many of the deals closed over the last few years were the direct result of our partnership with Med One. One of the best compliments I can give is the fact that our sales reps request Med One by name. If I can help to answer questions as it relates to Med One's professionalism or service, please do not hesitate to call."

"In 20 years of working with lease companies, hands down Med One has been the best leasing partner I've worked with. Simple, straightforward documentation, last minute funding of quarter-end bluebirds, and most important of all, a friendly, but professional conduct in all business dealings. Med One is a genuine partner that understands how to take their customer's prime objectives and make them their own. This is one company that definitely gets it!"

"Med One Group is a valued partner in providing leasing, financing and rental options, enabling our customers to acquire our equipment. They are very flexible and easy to work with and they can accommodate more challenging credit situations than many other leasing companies and banks. Med One's simple lease documents have surprised and delighted our customers. For any manufacturer wanting to provide their customers with alternative payment options, I would recommend utilizing Med One as a solutions focused lessor."

"We consider Med One to be a partner in our business. They consistently provide us the service and try hard to meet our needs. I know I can count on them to be there and provide assistance to us whenever we need it. I would be happy to personally discuss our relationship with Med One with any company that is considering doing business with them. They are professionals at what they do."

"We have been working with Med One Group for the last few years to assist our organization in funding our capital equipment needs. Med One has been very easy to work with and provides great customer service. We really appreciated Med One's flexibility and eagerness to assist financing our organization as we have looked to upgrade both our Information Technology and Radiology departments. As a Special District in the State of Colorado, securing financing can sometimes be a challenge. Med One has helped make that process less challenging with their expertise and commitment to assisting rural facilities improve healthcare throughout Colorado."

"As Director of Materials Management for a major teaching facility and part of a four-hospital system, I've had and continue to have a wonderful, supportive, and overall positive experience with Med One. They are sensitive to my needs and time-lines while maintaining a high level of professional decorum. I would recommend Med One to any industry in need of solid financial support and guidance."

Rental and Sales Testimonials

"We purchased IV pumps and infusers from Med One. The quote process was speedy and the pricing enabled us to purchase many more units than we had originally thought possible. Our Med One rep is responsive and knowledgeable, providing us with excellent customer service as well. He provided some innovative solutions to our need to provide our students with up-to-date equipment."

"I found sales representatives courteous and patient. They answered my questions and concerns. I appreciated the quick turnaround and willingness to provide information within 24 hours. Often I needed a quicker response, and they were very accommodating regardless if I was able to make a purchase or not. Of significant importance was their interest in assisting with maximizing my budget. As a small community college, that was of great importance. I would and have recommended Med One to other schools."

"Need equipment to rent, call Med One! A colleague recommended Med One to me a few years ago. As I recall it was one early morning when I needed to rent equipment; I called the usual company we rent from and asked for an Arabella at which time he laughed at me while making a comment, “Good luck with that.” So I called a representative at Med One and his reply was “How many do you need, where, and when?” He was also happy, professional, and most of all has the equipment that you need! Thank you for all your hard work and TLC you give your entire customers and our little patients!!"

"I would like to inform you how your rep helped me out at my hospital. He was always thorough when it came to maintaining our vents and electronic equipment at the hospital. We worked together for fourteen years. When I needed some equipment, he would locate the items quickly. Sometimes it was a lease and/or a purchase. He took extra time to stop by the hospital to see how things were going and see about our needs. He was even available during off hours. This was greatly appreciated! You could not find a better representative."

Equipment Services Testimonials

"Med One Group services a lot of our medical equipment. What I value is the communication as well as the turnaround time. Working with the biomed team is a pleasure. They promptly answer questions and have a great understanding of our equipment and needs. We are a small company, but Med One never makes us feel like it."

"I am very pleased with the service I received from Med One Group. They do preventative maintenance on all of our machinery that we use in the skills lab, including IV pumps, feeding pumps, suction pumps, etc. They always come and pick up the equipment and take it to their shop. When it is completed, they bring back all the equipment and provide us with itemized details as to what was done to the equipment. The turnaround time is great!! We cannot be without our equipment for very long due to our need to train students. I really appreciate their service and hope that they continue to support us with our training."

"I am the Medical Assistant for Tristate CareFlight since April of 2013. I’ve had correspondence with the support staff through email & phone. Even though these gentlemen are busy and have other clients, I feel as if TSCF is the only client when I’m speaking to them. Not once have I felt as if they were too busy to assist in TSCF’s needs.

TSCF has 25 bases between Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico, with two pumps at each base and back up pumps at the Administration Office. Our pumps are sent in for preventative maintenance and the occasional repair.

TSCF does deal with other companies for preventative maintenance and repairs on other pieces of medical equipment that do not compare to Med One Group’s customer service. Please know that the staff is much appreciated."