Replace Long-Term Equipment Rentals With New Equipment For Lower Cost

Hospital Icon The Med One Advantage Details & Benefits

Is it right for your hospital? Questions to ask yourself:

  • Have we been renting any equipment for longer than 6 months?
  • Does our hospital have old technology that needs to be upgraded?
  • Is it possible to pay less in rental for equipment that is newer/better?
  • What items are on our hospital’s “wish list” for the next 12 months?
  • Does limited capital budget make new equipment purchases difficult?

If these considerations are important to you, The Med One ADVANTAGE may be exactly what you need.

Why The Advantage Program Can Be Right For You

Most equipment rentals address peak needs, are temporary in nature, and involve used equipment. Often though, short-term rentals may unintentionally go far longer than planned. In other cases, budget constraints may repeatedly hinder new asset purchases. A customized Med One Advantage Plan addresses these challenges and for many hospitals, it has become a primary means of medical equipment acquisition.

How it Works

  1. Sign Med One’s renewable, short-term rental agreement
  2. Issue a purchase order
  3. Receive brand new equipment directly from the manufacturer of your choice
  4. Once the committed rental term is met, it can be extended or the assets purchased at any time

Key Benefits

Highlighted by Current Cusomters
  1. Access to new equipment with optional opportunity for ownership
  2. Utilizes a hospital’s operating budget
  3. Can help reduce long-term debt on a customer’s balance sheet
  4. Acquire new equipment with a mere 12-month commitment
  5. More simplicity and flexibility than supplier-sponsored financing programs
  6. Potentially save money by reducing rental payments

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Real Customer Feedback

This provides more flexibility than vendor-based leasing programs which have led to costs spinning out of control when left unchecked.
When ownership isn’t the hospital’s goal, Med One still helps us smoothly transition into new technology. upgrades.
Low monthly payments can help your EBITDA margin and satisfy bond and debt holders.
Asset depreciation is a big challenge for hospitals and this really helps.
Hospitals have a clearer path to ownership if that is the desired outcome.