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Bridge the gap with Med One

How do you close the gap between a sale and your customer's purchasing capacity?

Med One bridges that gap with financing options tailored to your customer’s needs. Increase both the size and number of your deals by offering leasing.


As a valued partner, Med One helps vendors provide custom finance solutions for customers struggling to pay with cash. With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Med One understands customer budgets and is known for creativity, simplicity, and responsiveness.


Med One Group is one of the largest independent finance companies in the healthcare industry. With over 30 years in business, Med One has served over half of the nation’s acute care hospitals and has created partnerships with many of the largest medical vendors in the healthcare industry. Through our relationships, we can provide custom leasing solutions that allow hospitals the ability to acquire needed equipment and give vendors a strategic selling advantage.

Key Benefits of Working With Med One

Dedicated Sales Rep

Each vendor is provided with a dedicated rep that will assist you during the entire sales process.

Simple Documentation

Our documentation can be described with one word, simple. We utilize single page quotes and a brief agreement.

Fast Turn Around

We understand that time is money. Vendors can expect a quick process from start to finish.

Flexible Pricing

Med One can customize any solution. We provide creative options that benefit the equipment vendor and customer.

Custom Marketing Materials

We provide vendors with essential marketing materials to effectively communicate the benefits of using financing to acquire equipment. Each flyer is completely customized to fit any message or product focus. Creativity is what we do at Med One.

Equipment We Finance

We are able to finance most types of medical equipment and look forward to partnering with you.
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Learn About Leasing Advantages

No Upfront Money Required

Customer can get the equipment right away and allocate cash for other purposes.

Lowest Monthly Payments

Operating leases with residuals allow for a very low monthly payment.

Flexible Payment Schedules

Financing allows the customer to receive the product today and start monthly payments at a later date.

Frees up Capital Budget

Move costs off balance sheet while improving customer / credit bond rating.

Up to Date Technology

With flexible end of term options, customer doesn’t have to sell the equipment to upgrade technology.

Fixed Lease Payments

Pre-determined schedule allows lessee to accurately predict future equipment costs and cash needs.

Return on Investment

Operating leases usually have a positive effect on the customer’s Return on Investment (ROI).

Only Option Available

In many cases, leasing is the only option for some businesses to acquire equipment due to budget

Get educated on Leasing & Financing

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What Vendors are Saying

Financing helps us increase our market share. We have won numerous competitive conversion deals because we were able to offer customers a creative financing solution.
Financing keeps customers “engaged” longer than a cash sale does.
Using a 3rd party leverages lessors core competencies – thus allowing vendors to focus on what they are good at (selling their product). Letting the lessor focus on the financing issues involved with a deal.
When financing is part of the sales process, a vendor can maintain better control of the transaction from start to finish.
Financing can increase the size of a deal if used correctly. A monthly payment can make an equipment acquisition look much more affordable.