Our Medical Equipment Solutions

Med One provides tailored financing, rental, and service solutions to support medical device vendors and healthcare facilities of all sizes. With over three decades of experience in the financial services industry under our belts, we can craft creative answers that help you acquire new medical equipment when cash isn't readily available. Our experienced representatives have a broad range of options at their disposal. From flexible payment plans to rent-to-own agreements, we have the expertise required for your organization to get precisely what it needs.

At Med One, we understand the power of simpler solutions. That's why simplicity is one of the three pillars of Med One and why vendors and healthcare facilities keep coming back. As a leader in the industry, we've made sure our customers benefit from experienced service representatives allowing decisions quickly and within an effective time frame. Our commitment to providing flexible financing solutions so your business can fully bloom is what drives us and has led to us being at the forefront of hospital equipment rental.

Healthcare Leasing

Med One is the premier name in the healthcare industry when it comes to medical equipment leasing, teaming up with some of the most prestigious medical manufacturers to offer innovative financing and leasing programs for advanced medical equipment. We see healthcare facilities as our partners and the relationships we create goes far beyond just signing a lease. As experts in healthcare financing, we offer competitive rates and creative structures that other leasing providers just can’t match. Hospitals love to work with Med One because of our extremely simple lease document with no hidden fees. With Med One’s assistance, providers can stay at the cutting edge of developing technology and medical equipment vendors can sell more of their equipment to hospitals.

Commercial Leasing

At Med One, we understand that having the right equipment can make or break a business. That is why our tailored financing solutions are designed to help every one of our customers. We provide small and middle-market companies with an expansive network of partners across multiple industries–from manufacturers to distributors and product resellers—so nobody has to miss out on owning the essential tools needed for their success.

Rental Solutions

Med One Group is the best source when it comes to providing medical rental equipment to hospitals. Our expansive selection of medical devices are all professionally inspected and certified by trained technicians to ensure they are ready to meet any of your patient's needs with ease. With short-term or long-term options available and experienced rental experts on hand to provide support through every step in the process, from quote requests all the way up to delivery, Med One Group makes it easier than ever for healthcare facilities to get access to quality hospital equipment rental when it is needed most.

Medical Equipment Sales

Whether you're overseeing a single department or an entire organization, Med One Group is here to provide you with all your medical equipment needs. You can always trust us for reliable refurbished medical equipment sales as our equipment is never bought at an auction. All equipment is tested by our certified technicians and arrives clean and patient-ready. No matter what kind of healthcare practice you're in, from hospital facilities and clinics to EMS transport companies and nursing simulation labs, we have exactly what you need.

Asset Management

Med One has been providing healthcare organizations with the tools they need to become more efficient and successful for over thirty years. We understand that every facility has its own unique set of needs, so our comprehensive Asset Management Solutions offer custom program models tailored specifically toward what works best for you. Our technology is reliable and proven to help reduce costs and optimize efficiency, all while keeping patient safety in mind.