Commercial Leasing

Med One offers flexible financing solutions to small and middle market companies looking to acquire the equipment they need to operate their business. At Med One we create value by offering customized equipment leasing programs that work directly with customers and partner with manufacturers, distributors and product resellers across industries.

Med One customers receive the following services:

  • A professional, experienced and dedicated staff
  • Quick decision times
  • Flexible and customizable financing options with a trusted source
  • Competitive rates

Credit Application

Customer Credit App


Med One offers commercial leasing services on a variety of equipment based on credit level.

  • Technology (Software and Computers)
  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery
  • Medical Practice Equipment
  • Other Equipment Based On Credit


  • Industrial Businesses
  • Accounting Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Architecture Firms
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Engineering Companies
  • Other Businesses Based On Credit

Leasing Products

Capital Lease

Customer commits to a fixed term of rental payments. At the end of the lease term, the customer owns the equipment with a $1.00 buyout. There is no option to return this equipment. Rather, the purpose of this program is simply to finance the equipment over a specified term when cash is not available for immediate purchase. All options are completely customizable.

Key Benefits

1- Pre-determined rental term
2- $1.00 buyout at end of term
3- Provides a budget-friendly way to acquire equipment
4- Simple documentation
5- Utilizes customer's capital budget
6- Provides customer with low monthly payments

Operating Lease

Customer commits to make monthly payments based on an established term. When the term ends, the equipment can either be purchased based on its fair market value, rented for an additional 12 months, or returned to Med One Group with no further obligation. All options are completely customizable.

Key Benefits

1- Fixed term
2- Gives customer the absolute lowest possible monthly payment
3- Customer can purchase equipment at end of term at fair market value
4- Customer can return equipment at end of term with no further obligation
5- Utilizes customer's operating budget
6- Simple agreement

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