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Medical Equipment Financing

Med One Capital (part of Med One Group) was founded in 1991 as a lessor of critical and essential use medical equipment serving the acute care hospitals throughout the United States. This includes many of the nation’s premier health care institutions. Med One partners with the most prominent medical manufacturers in the industry providing medical equipment financing programs for their medical devices, which typically have the newest technology available.

Leasing Advantages

  • No upfront money required, frees up critical cash
    Customer can get the equipment right away and cash can be used for other purposes.
  • Lowest possible monthly payments
    Operating leases with residuals allow for a very low monthly payment.
  • Flexible and delayed payment schedules
    Financing allows the customer to receive the product today and start monthly payments at a later date.
  • Costs are moved off the balance sheet and out of capital budget
    Frees up capital and improves customer credit rating.
  • Hedge against technological obsolescence
    Customer doesn’t have to sell the equipment if technology improves and has flexible end-of-term options.
  • Fixed lease payments
    Pre-determined schedule allows lessee to more accurately predict future equipment costs and cash needs.
  • Improved return on investment
    Operating leases usually have a positive effect on the customer’s Return On Investments (ROI).
  • Only option for some businesses to acquire equipment

    A lot of times the cash just isn’t there so medical equipment financing is a perfect fit

Leasing Products

Capital Lease

Customer commits to a fixed term of rental payments. At the end of the lease term, the customer owns the equipment with a $1.00 buyout. There is no option to return this equipment. Rather, the purpose of this program is simply to finance the equipment over a specified term when cash is not available for immediate purchase. All options are completely customizable.

Key Benefits

1- Pre-determined rental term
2- $1.00 buyout at end of term
3- Provides a budget-friendly way to acquire equipment
4- Simple documentation
5- Utilizes customer's capital budget
6- Provides customer with low monthly payments

Operating Lease

Customer commits to make monthly payments based on an established term. When the term ends, the equipment can either be purchased based on its fair market value, rented for an additional 12 months, or returned to Med One with no further obligation. All options are completely customizable.

Key Benefits

1- Fixed term
2- Gives customer the absolute lowest possible monthly payment
3- Customer can purchase equipment at end of term at fair market value
4- Customer can return equipment at end of term with no further obligation
5- Utilizes customer's operating budget
6- Simple agreement

We also offer Custom Lease options and Equity Rentals.

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