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10 Benefits Of Leasing For Your Company Today

10 Benefits Of Leasing For Your Company Today

Written By: Jeff Easton

Leasing offers many different benefits, especially in today's ever-changing economic climate. Leasing is a viable option for many companies and allows them to focus their energy on caring for patients. There are many reasons why your company should choose to lease, and here are ten.

The Med One philosophy is simple: determine and exceed the needs of our customers.

1. Financing Your Entire Invoice Cost

There are many different programs/leasing products where you would have zero out of pocket costs to obtain the equipment you need. At Med One, we don't charge processing and administrative fees. At the time of signature, you can truly have a lease with no costs due upfront and 100% of your invoice paid for.

2. Reduced Risk of Obsolescence

Leasing is an effective hedge against technology obsolescence and decreases both technology and financial risks. Companies need to be intelligent and careful when entering into leases with the intention of refreshing their equipment at the end of the lease. A key step in evaluating how leasing might reduce cost and technology obsolescence risk is to evaluate the all-in cost of existing and past lease programs. Depending on the type of lease structure you enter into, the lessor will assume the risk of obsolescence.

3. Simplicity

At Med One, our documents are as simple and straightforward as you will find in the leasing industry. The lease documents are easy to understand, and we are not looking to try and "catch" someone on the back end. We want a customer to fully understand all terms and conditions that they are signing up for. Med One does a great job with our customers on the back end.

4. Alternative Use of Funds

By going the leasing route versus a loan or straight out purchase, you are able to use funds not used in the lease on other operating expenditures or investment in the company that is needed. Depending on the type of lease product used, it may decrease the amount of funds used and will definitely reduce upfront costs.

5. Control Over Assets

For the term that you are using the assets, you will have control to use the assets as needed by your entity to be as productive as possible.

6. Speed and Convenience

We generally will complete a proposal in 30 minutes or less. When you call Med One, you become a top priority. We are experts in the field of healthcare equipment and can service all of your needs.

7. Flexibility

Our simple and timely processes allow us to create solutions that will work for you. We have the experience to understand the needs of our customers.

8. Manage Cash Flow

There may be nothing more important to the health and wellbeing of a business than managing cash flow. Being able to lease equipment without making a large down payment allows you to keep more of your cash in the bank. You can use the cash to make additional purchases or use it for operating expenses. Leasing can reduce your upfront costs of expansion and provide you with the cash flow you need. In today's unstable economic environment, it will also allow you to obtain the equipment you need immediately and be able to conserve a portion of your cash for other needs that may arise.

9. Conserve Your Capital Resources

There are so many things in today's business world tugging at your available capital. Through leasing, you will be able to spread out your capital in a broader way and be able to accomplish much more of what is being required of your capital.

10. Tax Benefits

Depending on the type of lease product you use, there will be different tax benefits that are derived. Consulting with your tax advisor will be prudent and helpful as you decide on the lease product that is best for your business.

The Med One philosophy is simple: determine and exceed the needs of our customers. With every deal, our focus is to provide for our customers' needs and do so in a manner that ensures the customer has a pain-free experience. Whether it's equipment financing, rental, sales, or services, Med One has solutions that work.

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