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3 Reasons to Choose Alaris Pumps

3 Reasons to Choose Alaris Pumps

The rate and amount of fluids that are given intravenously (IV) can be regulated in two ways: manually and by electric pumps. The most common type of IV fluid administered to patients is saline. Since the latter part of the 1960s, infusion pumps have been used in hospitals to dispense saline, medications, and other fluids to patients directly to their bloodstream by using an IV. The demand for infusion pumps is high. In fact, 86% of patients that are admitted to hospitals require them, according to the Material Services (MS) department at the University of Michigan Health Systems.

The latest infusion systems, such as the Alaris pump, incorporate smart technology. Med One believes that there are many reasons to consider using Alaris infusion pumps, and here are three of them.

1. Safety

The safety of all patients is the top priority in a hospital setting. One of the main advantages of IV pumps like the Alaris System is that they increase the safety of patients and staff alike by reducing the possibility of infusion and medication errors.

The smart pump ensures that patients receive more accurately controlled dosages and delivery rates of all medications, nutrients, and fluids that they require. Barcodes also offer protection for every type of infusion. Color displays on the monitor clearly convey vital programming, monitoring, and infusion information to clinicians as well.

2. Ease of Use

Because the Alaris System has a common user interface that allows you to program different monitoring and infusion modules, it is less complex at the point of patient care.

3. Convenience

The light-weight and large pumping volume of Alaris Pumps make it easy to attach the system to IV poles in hospitals or other clinical care facilities.

Multi-channel infusion IV pumps of this type add more versatility to your infusion systems by offering three separate fluid delivery channels and a drug library that you can customize for your individual needs.

Choosing the best method of delivering fluids, nutrients, or medications to patients is a serious decision, and the advantages of iv pumps must be considered. The increased patient safety, ease of use, and convenience offered by the Alaris System are three reasons to consider choosing them.