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3 Ways Hospitals Can Improve Patient Retention

3 Ways Hospitals Can Improve Patient Retention

The existing patient base of a healthcare network is a critical component to the financial success of a facility. It costs more to acquire a new patient than to retain the existing one. The happier the patient, the more likely they are to advocate for your caregivers and facility. Here, we discuss three ways hospitals can improve patient retention.

Deliver Excellence in Patient Care

When it comes to operating a care facility, whether a hospital or a clinic, accurately diagnosing patients is only one part of your success. Patients are more likely to return when the caregiver delivers a respectable, personable bedside manner.

It’s also essential to keep in mind the primary care provider is not the only staff member to come into contact with patients. They also experience your facility through phone calls, in-person behaviors, and the overall atmosphere.

Provide Continuous Patient Education

An effective way hospitals can improve patient retention is through marketing. Ensuring your existing patients remain informed and educated can contribute significantly to their retention. Consider investing in a social media presence across multiple platforms.

By connecting with your patients in the ways they receive most of their information, you can remind them about routine screenings, provide accurate and up-to-date information, and showcase your excellence.

Offer Modern Conveniences

With the abundance of technological advancements, patients appreciate a practice that can provide modern conveniences and make their visits easier. Things like online scheduling, telehealth visits for minor concerns, and an accessible patient portal can all provide a user-friendly experience.

Additionally, having access to quality medical equipment and routine staff training can allow you to focus on these other areas. Devices like BD infusion pumps will enable you to decrease errors in medication delivery and ensure your patients receive customized and precise treatment while in your care.

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