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3 Ways to Increase Your Hospital's Efficiency

3 Ways to Increase Your Hospital's Efficiency

For many hospitals, there is one overarching question: how can we be efficient while still providing the best care for our patients? Fortunately, there are countless ways for hospitals to improve efficiency. In fact, some hospitals are already practicing alternatives to do just that. If you're ready to learn some ways to be more effective, keep reading.

Test Blood and Administer Infusions Bedside

One of the easiest ways to boost your efficiency is by testing a patient's blood while they lay in bed or administering medication to them through infusion pumps. When administering medication or other IV-related fluids, there are two basic classes of infusion pumps. Large volume pumps provide nutrient solutions large enough to feed a patient while small-volume pumps infuse hormones or medicines. Now, if you're going to use an infusion pump it's extremely important that you're using a smart infusion pump. These smart pumps, like the Alaris Pumps, can help speed up the process and will eliminate any medication mistakes. Not only will you be moving things along with these infusion pumps, but you’ll be giving the patient exactly what they need; no more and no less.

Have Specialized Wings

To save money and to make sure everyone is getting the correct treatment, some hospitals around the country have specialized wings. These wings are dedicated to specific conditions such as cancer, cardiology, or plastic surgery. Each wing has their dedicated doctors and nurses, so there's no confusion or chaos. Each wing is also equipped with specific equipment that is used to treat the patients in that specific area.

Discharge Patients Every Morning

If most patients are discharged first thing in the morning, you're freeing up bed space that could be used by someone else. Many patients who enter an ER waiting room understand that they will likely have to wait for hours at a time just to be seen. To eliminate waiting room overflow and potential patient issues, making beds and rooms available as quickly as possible is key. Discharging patients first thing in the morning will help ensure that there will be plenty of available beds ready for the day ahead. Try out a few of these tips to increase your efficiency. Many hospitals around the country have had success with these methods, and your facility could too.