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Does 3D printing belong in healthcare?

3D Printer

By Ibby Smith Stofer

I have been concerned that this technology is providing many with benefits, but I also have questions about their long-term effects. Are those new implants going to last? Are there going to be future risks? Are they going to cause other complications or health issues?

What about those devices now being “manufactured?” Will they meet the same rigid standards our FDA requires? Can they be reliable?

Doctor Tapping Medical Button

Many of these questions continue to make me wonder about this technology and its place in our healthcare. Sure costs are still rising, and we as a country are looking for alternatives, but having a long history working with and for medical device companies, I have been reluctant to be a voice for these innovations.

However, I had a chance to see the following video from Italy and it clearly showed me that there is value yet to be discovered. I hope that you will be as amazed as I was by this short video and the accompanying story.

It surely has changed my opinion of how this technology can touch and improve lives.