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4 Reasons Your Infusion Pump Is Having Performance Problems

4 Reasons Your Infusion Pump Is Having Performance Problems

The function of an infusion pump in healthcare practices plays a significant role in patient well-being. But, sometimes, these medical devices can fail to do their job correctly and put the patient and facility at risk. You should have the machine inspected, repaired, or replaced if this happens.

Here, we explain four potential reasons your infusion pump is having performance problems and how to navigate these issues.

Software Issues

If an issue with the device is otherwise unidentifiable, the software system can show an error message on the display screen. This will inform the operator or the caregiver that the machine is inoperable, and they should not use it. It's essential to report these error messages to management, administration, and the partnering vendor to ensure they perform an inspection of the device to get it functioning again.

Alarm Errors

Sometimes, tubing can become clamped, or air may persist through the pump's tubing. If an occlusion occurs in the pump, the alarm system may fail. Resolving this issue is vital since the pump will not otherwise produce an audible alarm if a critical situation arises.

Broken Components

On a rare occasion, the pump might fall or get dropped. On impact, various interior components may break. When parts become damaged, the pump may produce an over or under-infusion and create inaccurate rates for the drugs being delivered.

The plastic casing inside the pump is often prone to cracks and damage, allowing liquids to enter the casing and causing malfunction and errors. Additionally, a slight misalignment in the tubular placement can stress the pump's entry point and increase the risk of cracking along the casing.

Battery Failures

Another common reason your infusion pump is having performance problems is due to battery failure or malfunction. Facilitators can sometimes fail to replace the battery in the recommended window, resulting in battery dysfunction.

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