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4 Things to Know When Purchasing Refurbished Medical Equipment

4 Things to Know When Purchasing Refurbished Medical Equipment

By Dani Vaughan

Many types of medical devices can be used to treat or diagnose multiple patients. When equipment is properly cared for and cleaned, this helps hospitals keep within their budgets while still providing the best care for their patients.

When looking to purchase medical equipment for hospitals and clinics, there are many misconceptions and stigmas about used or refurbished equipment. We live in a time where many of our attitudes surrounding products is that of “if it is not brand new, then it must be bad.”

We have compiled a list of common misconceptions and preconceived ideas that surround refurbished medical equipment sales:

1. Used vs. Refurbished Medical Equipment

Is there a difference? Yes! There absolutely is. Used equipment generally means “as-is” condition or “was working when removed from the facility.” This means that there is a possibility of the device not being ready for patient use or not being in “patient ready condition.”

When purchasing from Med One, we classify the equipment we sell as refurbished and patient ready. We provide proof of functionality and a preventative maintenance (PM) certificate with all equipment. This PM certificate shows that the medical device has been thoroughly cleaned, tested according to the manufacturer’s standards, states if any parts have been recently replaced or fixed, and that the device is patient ready.

2. New Equipment Is Always Better

In certain cases, this may be true but most medical equipment is designed to be durable and has a life cycle of 7-10 years, if not longer. Manufacturers usually don’t make major design changes to their products frequently due to high costs and the intensive process of getting them tested and approved by the FDA.

Medical equipment does not have the same sensitive life cycle that we have come to know with consumer electronics like cell phones or computers; they are designed to last with the occasional software update to improve performance. Since the equipment is designed to last, purchasing refurbished units helps alleviate the cost and the depreciation that happens when purchasing brand new equipment.

3. There Is No Support for the Refurbished Equipment Once It Has Been Purchased

When purchasing medical equipment that has been refurbished, it is important to still receive support from the vendor it was purchased from. Parts may need to be replaced due to normal wear or updates added to the software. Many places where used medical equipment can be purchased do not offer any biomed or customer service after the purchase is completed.

Equipment that is purchased from Med One comes with a one-year warranty with an option to add an extended warranty. We also repair equipment after the warranty ends, all by our in-house biomed department.

4. Not Knowing Where the Device Has Been or the Maintenance It Received

There is always a risk when purchasing used equipment, there is no guarantee of knowing where the equipment was or what maintenance, if any, was performed during its time in service.

The equipment that Med One sells is essentially “one owner quality” equipment. We do not purchase from mystery auctions like many dealers do. The majority of the equipment we sell was purchased directly by a hospital where Med One provided the financing for them. At the end of the leasing period, the equipment is shipped back to us where it is then refurbished, tested, and sold.

Final tips for hospitals and clinics looking to purchase medical equipment for their facility:

1. Find a reputable vendor. Be wary of second-hand websites with deals that seem “too good to be true.” If you think that it sounds too good, it mostly likely is.

2. Ask the seller about warranty and support after the equipment is purchased. Are they willing to help with support after you purchase? If they are reputable, most vendors will ensure the equipment is patient ready when shipped and offer support even after the purchase has been made.

3. Don’t be afraid of the word “refurbished.”

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*Please note that Med One only provides medical equipment sales to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities. No private sales.