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4 Ways To Adapt To Increasing Bariatric Patient Care Needs

4 Ways To Adapt To Increasing Bariatric Patient Care Needs

Investing in bariatric equipment is the best way to optimize patient care for many medical facilities. But the unfortunate truth behind this is how expensive each device is, especially as they require tracking, routine maintenance, and cleaning. Most of the time, a facility is better off with a rental agreement, as it allows facilities to adhere to their budget while offering patient care.

Let’s look at four ways to adapt to increasing bariatric patient care needs and how a facility can benefit from these enhancements.

Improve Patient and Caregiver Safety

The quicker a patient receives the necessary equipment upon entry or admission, the more safe both the caregivers and patients are. When equipment is available at admission, there is a decreased chance of caregivers walking, lifting, or hoisting a bariatric patient with insufficient tools. It’s essential for a facility to partner with a reliable vendor to ensure a plan is in place and patients’ needs match demand.

Reduce Therapy Delays and Adverse Events

If a caregiver needs equipment delivery promptly, there is a strong possibility they need more than a bariatric frame. Equipment like trapezes, wheelchairs, and an IV syringe pump should go hand in hand with the basics. Same-time delivery will reduce the time a clinician spends acquiring equipment and allows them to administer the right therapy faster.

Increase Clinician Bedside Times

The less time a caregiver spends tracking down equipment or placing orders, the more time they have for direct patient care. With the primary focus on administering quality care, this is an excellent way to improve the level of care given and the time spent with each patient. When patient and staff satisfaction increase, the facility morale also increases.

Understand the Facility’s Requirements

One of the most fundamental ways to adapt to increasing bariatric patient care needs is seeing that your facility meets the needs of the patients. While all facilities must adhere to ADA accommodations, ensuring things like doorways, ramps, and hallways are suitable for equipment, by making sure the equipment you rent is collapsible and accommodating to your facility, you will be able to provide better care for your patients.

To learn more about equipment rentals and renting an IV syringe pump for your bariatric suite, reach out to Med One Group today. We specialize in catering to every level of medicine and optimizing a facility’s patient care.