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5 Factors to Consider When Buying Infusion Pumps

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Infusion Pumps

Infusion pumps are medical equipment used to deliver fluids into patients’ bodies in a controlled and accurate manner. Infusion pumps have been in use since the late 1960s, and they’re still utilized in a variety of medical settings including nursing homes and hospitals. Today, Alaris infusion pumps are prevalent in most health care settings due to their ability to deliver fluids accurately. Some of these fluids include hormones, antibiotics, insulin, pain relievers, and chemotherapy drugs.

Types of Infusion Pumps

If you want to buy an infusion pump, you first need to understand the various models available and how they function.

Syringe – These types of infusion pumps are exclusively used in administering drugs in small quantities. The fluids administered through syringe infusion pumps can lead to severe effects when administered in large amounts. An example of this is the drug morphine.

Ambulatory Infusion Pump – They are types of infusion pumps that enable patients to move around freely during treatments. These types of medical pumps can operate on batteries, which makes them convenient for transportation in emergency situations.

Enteral Pumps – They are also called feeding pumps, which are ideal for the patient who needs continuous treatment.

Pole-Mounted Pumps - Due to their nature, they’re mostly used within a medical facility or a hospital. In some cases, the pump can be transported with the patient, depending on the IV pole. They can also be used at home, but they will limit the mobility of the patient.

Insulin Pumps – Pumps used in administering insulin to people with diabetes. They are suitable to be used at home.

If you want to buy an infusion pump, first consider the type and the needs of the patient. For instance, if you want the patient to move freely, then consider an ambulatory pump.

What to Consider When Buying an Infusion Pump

Buying an infusion pump for the first time can be unnerving and confusing. These tips will help you find the right equipment.

Infusion Pump Brand

Infusion pumps come in different types and brands. There are many reputable manufacturers whom you can trust their products. For instance, an Alaris infusion pump is among the best pumps in the market.

Safety Features

Before you purchase an infusion pump, ensure you check the safety features for the accurate administration of fluids. Patient safety should be your priority when making a purchase. Ensure the pump can store patient drug data as it helps in eliminating errors.

Charging Period – Typically, an infusion pump should not take more than 10 hours to charge. A pump taking longer than that means it has a defect. In case of such a scenario, contact the manufacturer for a replacement or a refund. That’s why it’s crucial to check the warranty information and return policy. Additionally, when the power is off, the pump should switch to battery power automatically.

Fluid Proof – A reliable infusion pump must be fluid-proof. This means that it should have an alarm that automatically triggers a shutdown if fluid leaks into the electrical components.

Don’t Ignore Product Reviews – Reviews give you information about the product you intend to buy. Listen to what previous consumers have to say regarding the pump. Read both professional and amateur reviews to conclude before you buy an infusion pump.

Buying infusion pumps today with the right information will get you the best IV pump for your facility.