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50+ Years Later...My How Things Have Changed

Surgery in operating room

By Ibby Smith Stofer

Over the last 50+ years the world of hospital equipment has changed not only lives but also how medicine is practiced in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Think back to say the 1960s. What were the techy things that you can recall? Well if you were in the hospital environment, it was a time of significant change. Many of the common tools of today were brought to market then.

For example, laser scalpels, which laid the groundwork for many of the later laser developments commonly used in surgical procedures, did not exist before 1960. Another was the portable defibrillator, found today in businesses, stadiums, ambulances, and certainly nursing homes and hospitals. It too was introduced in the sixties.

How about balloon catheters? Or consider the innovation of the portable EKG that is in every ambulance? Neither was around prior to the 60s.

Portable defibrillator

Moving into the 70s, I had the opportunity to work for people who were revolutionizing the delivery of intravenous medication. Nurses had regulated the delivery by continually adjusting a simple roller clamp on the tubing until that time. With the introduction of peristaltic infusion pumps and controllers, IVAC changed not only the practice, but also added safety and consistency to delivery. Certainly the Smart Pump technology of the 90s and today continue this evolution with patient safety and is as fundamental as replacing the roller clamp regulator was in 1970.

There are many many more technology introductions and evolutions that continue to impact patients, caregivers, and technology companies. Thank goodness for those who have a mind capable of these creative ideas. I am sure that we may have had some Edsels along the way, but fortunately they are long forgotten. Let us all continue to appreciate and embrace the changes in technology that save and extend life on a daily basis.

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