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6 Safety Factors to Check When Buying Infusion Pumps

6 Safety Factors to Check When Buying Infusion Pumps

Infusion pumps are essential medical equipment used in infusing medicines and other food nutrients in the body of patients subcutaneously, through an artery, and sometimes intravenously. Using infusion pumps creates safer means of administering fluids, such as allowing highly controlled doses of medications.

However, not all infusion pumps meet the specific needs of medical facilities. A quick Google search will show you infusion pumps for sale from a variety of vendors, but before deciding on an infusion pump to purchase, there are some safety factors that you need to know.

1. Point of Failure

The most critical safety factor that you should note when looking for infusion pumps for sale is the point of failure. This means that your infusion system won't suddenly stop functioning. Without a singular point of failure, your pump will continue to operate without significant problems. If a failure were to occur during an infusion, the pump should have fail safes in place that would cause the infusion to stop and alert the caregiver of the error. All infusion pumps should have this certification, if you find one that does not, it is not rated for use on humans and should not be used.

2. Pressure Sensors

When searching for infusion pumps for sale, you should always focus on investing in systems that feature a pressure sensor. This is an important feature that you cannot avoid, especially when you want to offer maximum attention to your patients. Pressure sensor features alert caregivers to empty bags or get notifications for tubing that is being squeezed or blocked. This is an essential feature because it helps in ensuring that fluids are delivered without interruption.

3. Battery Fail-Safe

The battery is one of the most important features of the system that you should consider before investing. Different infusion pump brands come with varying lives of battery. So it is always important to make a favorable decision here to avoid significant errors. Make an effort to ensure that the battery does not fail so that you can prevent medical emergencies. You can prevent major problems by ensuring that you have a long-lasting internal battery that will keep your unit running at any given time.

4. Infusion Air Detector

An infusion air detector is another safety feature no buyer of smart pumps should ever ignore. It is a useful system that promotes the safety of the entire machine and its usage. The primary function of the air detection system is to make sure that there is not air in the IV tubing or within the pump itself before the infusion started with the patient.

5. Fluid Proof

Any reliable infusion pump that you will buy for your medical facility must be fluid-proof. This means that the system does not allow any fluids to leak into the internal electrical system, which could potentially trigger electrocution and sometimes electrical fires. You should make an effort to ensure that the system you will purchase has an alarm that triggers shutdown, especially when fluid leaks into the electrical system.

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