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Everything You Need To Know About The Alaris 8120 PCA Pump Module

Global Infusion Pump Market Alaris 8120 PCA

By 2024, it's projected that the global infusion pumps market will be valued at $5.016 million. With so many options for this type of medical equipment in today's marketplace, it can be difficult to know which infusion pump models will best serve your patients. In today's post we will discuss one particular infusion pump module: the Alaris 8120 PCA Module.

The term patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) refers to an approach that's been embraced by countless hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the nation. In situations wherein patients feel like they aren't able to manage their symptoms of pain, PCA pumps can allow for more consistent results and more effective healing. While there are many kinds of infusion pumps on the market today, most facilities need devices that allow for patient-controlled pain management and important safeguards in place to reduce the risk of errors. Together with a Point of Care Unit, the Alaris 8120 is the right choice to do just that for any healthcare facility or hospital.

Now that we have established what a PCA Pump is used for we can look at the specifics of the Alaris PCA module. The Alaris 8120 is one of the leading syringe infusion pumps that allows for better patient pain management. Because it's a smart pump module and connects to the Alaris 8015 PCU, it provides for quick and accurate access to medication dosage history. It will also automatically pause or deactivate the patient's dosage request if it does not fall within the safety dosage limits. Smart pumps like these can improve patient safety while allowing the patient to control their own pain management. This ultimately leads to faster healing and increased patient satisfaction.

Smart pumps like the Alaris 8120 allow hospital staffs to set specific dosage ranges for a given medication based on the patient's diagnosis. In other words, the dosage and rates can be changed depending on the patient's pain type or level thus leading to better understanding and less training time for both staff and patients. The Alaris 8120 also features barcoding technology to ensure the correct drug, patient, and clinicians can be identified, which can help reduce error overall.

This PCA module, as mentioned above, also attaches with ease to the Alaris PC Unit, as it's designed to only work with that particular unit as well as other Alaris modules. This model is a good choice for any facility to improve patient safety and pain-management.