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How Alaris IV Pumps Can Be Even Better Than Before

How Alaris IV Pumps Can Be Even Better Than Before

Infusion pumps are one of the most productive ways to get medication and fluids into a person’s body. In fact, IV therapy is considered the fastest way to deliver any kind of fluid or medication to the body, yielding a bioavailability absorption of 100%. The introduction of smart pumps and the Alaris IV pump, in particular, has made the process a lot more efficient and error-free. The software included with new pumps is one reason the Alaris IV pump can make things even more efficient and safer at hospitals.

The Guardrails Safety Software for Alaris Systems was created to continue the improvement of IV systems. Designed to work specifically with Alaris IV pumps, it’s a comprehensive system that is an extra backbone in helping to reduce medication errors, track system performance, increase compliance with national safety standards, and improve the quality of the patient’s experience.

Guardrails also comes with different programs that can help the process of administering IV medications improve. The editor software is a computer-based tool that lets a doctor or nurse customize how infusions are being delivered. They can set safety limits for specific patients or set universal safety limits for anyone who will be using the infusion device.

Anything the IV pump performs can be customized with this software. You can customize how much of a specific drug a certain patient receives, and how it flows through the IV tubes. These drug-specific therapies will allow a clinician to administer with ease. Another nice feature in the Guardrails software keeps track of everything that is happening within the device and creates custom reports and graphics. This helps hospitals know how effective their safety practices are.

Even though the Alaris IV pump is near flawless, there’s always room for improvement. Distributing medicine to patients who are in need is nothing to mess around with and mistakes can, unfortunately, be fatal. With the use of Alaris pumps and the included Guardrails software, medical professionals prove that they're taking their work seriously and care about their patients.