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Med One Industry Insights - Doug Green

Med One Industry Insights - Doug Green

By Bryson Cutler

We recently sat down with Doug Green, Senior Vice President Director of Corporate Development at Med One, for his Industry Insights spotlight. In this interview, we explore how strategic partnerships with an equipment leasing company can help medical device vendors sell more equipment. Doug considers himself the "Med One Story Teller" and loves to talk about the two stars in our story: health care providers that are committed to deliver outstanding care to their patients and our vendor partners who help them acquire the equipment they need.

Here is a little sneak peek into some of the stories and insights Doug shares about the Benefits of Strategic Partnerships. Watch the video below for the full interview!

Why are Strategic Business Partnerships Important?

I see that there are three parts to strategy: Whiteboard, Tactical, and Execution. We at Med One want to be with you during all three parts, and we feel like we can for vendor manufacturers. Having an equipment leasing company be there during the whole process makes a difference for the vendor and their sales reps.

What are Medical Device Vendors Looking for in a Leasing Partner?

I think vendors are looking for a couple of different things when looking to partner with an equipment leasing company. One is they want someone who will listen to them. They have a product that health care providers need to take care of their patients, but they need someone who will listen to them and the challenges they face as they try and take that to market.

What are Some of the Hurdles Medical Device Vendors Face?

It's a long sales cycle, and they've spent a lot of time and energy trying to get their equipment into hospitals. Some of the biggest challenges that a vendor faces is understanding what will work for a hospital and giving them alternative ways to acquire or get access to that equipment.

Can You Share an Example of How Med One Has Helped a Vendor?

As soon as COVID-19 hit, it seems like all our manufacturers came screaming to us needing help because everyone was trying to get the equipment out the door to help these hospitals, to help their patients. And it was cool to see all that come together. We saw Med One help from a leasing side, and our manufacturing partners and the rental team just shoving as much equipment out the door as they could.