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CADD®-Solis Infusion Pump – Overview and Uses

CADD-Solis Infusion Pump – Overview and Uses

By Dani Vaughan

The CADD®-Solis is an infusion pump that is very small, portable, and is used in a variety of therapies. CADD® pumps are part of Smiths Medical’s line-up of infusion products. These pumps are often searched for online when healthcare personnel are looking for IV pumps. Like many other infusion pumps, the purpose of this pump is to deliver medication at a controlled dose and rate to the patient. This delivery method allows for the correct dose of fluids or medication to be administered correctly.

The supported therapies of the CADD® pump include:


  • Continuous Rate
  • PCA Dose
  • Clinician Bolus
  • Dosing with PCA Dose Key or Remote Dose Cord

- Epidural

- Peripheral Nerve Block and Surgical Site Infusions

What is the difference between a stationary infusion pump and an ambulatory infusion pump?

- An ambulatory pump is generally a small, battery-powered pump that slowly delivers medication into the body over a designated period of time. The patient is then able to move or have these pumps with them at home. While the CADD® pump is not ideal for every care scenario, it can be helpful for those that are dealing with long-term conditions and want to maintain their mobility. The pump can be carried in a bag or clipped to the patient while medication is administered.

- A stationary infusion pump is what is most often used in hospitals and is attached to an IV pole. They generally require the patient to stay in bed to receive treatment. While extremely effective in that scenario, small pumps like the CADD®-Solis allow the patient to be mobile.

While the CADD® pump might not be ideal for all care scenarios, it provides reliable performance and can transition easily from hospital care to home care environments. To learn more about the options Med One provides for stationary infusion pumps and ambulatory pumps, contact us today.