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Choice Humanitarian & Med One Group – Golf to End Poverty

Choice Humanitarian & Med One Group – Golf to End Poverty

By Dani Vaughan

CHOICE Humanitarian has its headquarters located in Salt Lake City, UT, but their work takes place in communities throughout the world. The work that happens within each country is managed by highly experienced directors and staffed by local volunteers. Their goal is to eliminate extreme poverty by working with and training community leaders to take ownership of their own development. Choice Humanitarian will work with these communities until they are self-sufficient and sustainable, then they will exit, and the community will continue to thrive.

Extreme poverty is defined as living on an average wage of less than $2 a day, but extreme poverty is multidimensional and is measured beyond income. Some of these areas include health, education, and a general lack of opportunities.

We created a recap video of the event this year and also had the opportunity to discuss the work of CHOICE Humanitarian’s CEO, Steve Pierce.

For the past few years, Med One has had the pleasure of being involved and sponsoring a local golf event in Utah to raise funds and bring awareness to the fight of ending extreme poverty. With 2020 being a challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals living within these circumstances have felt the effects to an even larger extent. Over $100,000 was raised at the event this year and will be used to help hundreds of vulnerable families in the midst of this global pandemic.

Med One is not only committed to making a difference in the medical industry, but also within local and global communities. We are proud to play a vital part in fundraising and providing support to organizations like CHOICE Humanitarian in their fight to end extreme poverty.