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Eliminate Errors with Alaris Smart Infusion Pumps

Eliminate Errors with Alaris Smart Infusion Pumps

Infusion pumps have been in use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities for several years now. They are far more common than the manual system of administering IV fluids. If you do not have one, then you should acquire an infusion pump for your healthcare facility immediately.

These medical devices are different based on how they are used and powered. You can use them at the patient's bedside, and many pumps are also portable.

What is an Infusion Pump?

An infusion pump is a device used in hospitals or other medical facilities to deliver fluids, medications like hormones, insulin, chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, pain relievers, or nutrients in controlled amounts intravenously or through epidural routes. There are different types of pumps available.

Technology today has given rise to smart infusion pumps like the Alaris smart pumps that are changing how IV medication is being dispensed. Your facility will benefit from this new technology.

Infusion pumps are operated only by trained users and clinical staff members. The user has to program the rate and the duration of fluid delivery using a built-in software interface. They are much more reliable to use than the manual method of administering fluids. Acquire an infusion pump and experience the difference.

Benefits of Alaris Pumps

There are several advantages of IV pumps. Using Alaris infusion pumps is one of the ways that you can be sure of delivering medication in the right volumes and at automated intervals. Here are some of the reasons why you should use an Alaris infusion pump:

  • Alaris pumps have an extensive IV safety system: They are equipped with a safety feature that alerts the medical staff in charge in the event of a problem such as air blockage in the tubing.
  • The Alaris system has a customizable drug library
  • It comes complete with a common user interface
  • It has a modular system
  • It alerts the user if the pump's parameters are set beyond the safety limits

The Alaris System, along with its top-notch software, has a syringe module, respiratory monitoring module, large volume pump module, PCA module. All of these modules help your hospital to:

  • Reduce medication errors
  • Increase patient, hospital, and clinician safety
  • Improve practice
  • Simplify use

Your patients will receive proper care using the latest technology with Alaris pumps. Clinicians will not have to worry about programming errors or checking on any adverse reactions because the pumps will automatically warn them of it.

In general, smart pumps are more efficient than traditional pumps. You can expect the use of such pumps and Alaris syringe pumps to increase in various hospitals. This is simply because of the increased protection that these smart pumps offer patients and staff members.

Consider Buying Alaris Infusion Pumps for Your Facility

The new technology in infusion pumps uses high tech pumps that incorporate several drug libraries that are specific to each area. This ensures that dosing units, dosing limits, and concentration are taken into account. It is the job of the facility's pharmacy to create and maintain the drug libraries. The correct library ensures that the limits are not exceeded once a clinician defines a care area.

Having an Alaris system in your health facility will not only reduce errors but will also improve patient care. Buy an infusion pump and make administering IV medication safe and error-free in your facility.