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Fire breathing dragon

By Ibby Smith Stofer

Do you feel like each day your plans are taken over by the fire breathing monsters that lurk in your facility?

Does your list of daily challenges include any of the following?

  • Product Recalls by the FDA
  • Seasonal spike in inpatients/unexpected increase in daily census
  • Specialty needs for specific patients
  • Inability to repair or purchase parts for your equipment
  • A merger or acquisition requires clinical sharing but it is inhibited by incompatible devices

Hospital personnel wrestle with many of these on a daily basis. Whether you are in supply chain, biomed or are a clinician, these all affect your facility’s ability to deliver quality patient care. When waiting for better solutions, personnel can become overwhelmed when they are juggling patient needs, cannibalizing instruments or holding emergency training on different devices.

Frequently, the clinical needs caused by the above issues are in direct conflict with the financial goals or current budget availability. It is then that the providers look for alternate ways to obtain the devices needed to provide quality care.

Providers are looking to find additional devices that are of the same version and software revision that they currently use so that their staff does not have to undergo any training on a new device. It is usually needed quickly and may still require some training for biomed and clinicians.

None of these situations are desirable and they certainly present many challenges for the healthcare provider. Nationally there are a select few companies that offer what in the industry are known as “peak need” rentals of movable medical equipment (MME). These range from monitors to beds and include ventilators, infusion devices and a myriad of other devices used daily by hospitals and other healthcare providers. You can rent on a daily, weekly or longer basis. The rental fees are generally considered an operating expense and do not require CFO or budget approval.

Unfortunately, not all rental equipment is equal. Sometimes equipment has bounced around so many times that it may be dirty and potentially contribute to hospital acquired infections or staff health issues. Also, if it has internal protocols (smart software) these may not have been cleared and the existing guidance may not be right for your facility.

Medical Equipment Repair

To aid hospital personnel faced with the need to rent devices, here are some points to consider:

  • Is the company an authorized rental provider?
  • Where did the device last reside? Will they provide you with a device history?
  • Does the company have certified biomedical technicians to clean and repair units so they arrive patient ready?
  • Can and will the company provide the latest or requested versions of any software already installed or will that need to be done on site by your staff?
  • What is the minimum rental period? Can it be converted to more cost effective rates if retained longer than anticipated?
  • Will the company notify you in advance of the expiration of the rental period or will the unit simply stay in place with continued billing?
  • Does the company have references and a reputation that meets your requirements?
  • Does the company offer a program providing new equipment with the option to convert to ownership when funds are approved?

Certainly there are additional considerations, but this list is intended to aid in determining the company or companies you may choose to rely on for your equipment rental needs.

Med One Capital has specialized in working with healthcare providers for over 20 years and we offer our off-leased equipment as rental options to help insure that the units you rent are in top patient-ready condition and are offered under terms and at competitive rates you find acceptable. We have field based representation, regional distribution centers and certified biomedical technicians committed to providing you with the products you need that are patient ready and meet all of your requirements. Please visit us or call our in house expert Brian Smiley at the phone and email below. Thank you.

Brian Smiley at 800-248-5882