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Product Highlight: Features of the Sigma Spectrum IV Pump

Sigma Spectrum Baxter infusion pump

According to the Materiel Systems department at the University of Michigan Health Systems, approximately 86% of all patients admitted to hospital beds require infusion pumps. While these pumps are required for a variety of reasons, there's no doubt that they're indispensable to healthcare facilities. In today's post, we'll be discussing some of the features and benefits that come along with one particular infusion pump: the Sigma Spectrum.

In terms of safety, this pump is among the best. Like other smart pumps, this model was made with error reduction in mind. These infusion systems work in-tandem with an installed drug library to ensure medical staff can access necessary information quickly. It is one of the only pumps to have a dose-change error prevention feature that allows pharmacists to customize dose-change limits for specific medications. This provides protection for both patients and clinicians during more high-risk infusions. In addition, these IV infusion pumps perform wireless updates to their drug libraries to make certain the programming is based on the most up-to-date information possible. Data reveals that facilities that use this particular system have achieved a 97% drug accuracy compliance rating overall within just one month of implementation.

The Sigma Spectrum is also very time-efficient and cost-efficient. This pump’s design can actually provide cost savings simply because it can reduce the required number of setups and changes, as well as tubing usage. In addition, because human interaction isn't required to update the drug library, staff can use their time more wisely, rather than spending energy on documenting patient infusion history. With the use of the Sigma Spectrum, medical personnel can shift the focus to providing better patient care instead of worrying about the IV pump. Furthermore, because this infusion system is lightweight and mobile, it's easy to transport and use in a wide variety of situations throughout the hospital. Lastly but not least, because the Sigma Spectrum system provides comprehensive reports and infusion data analytics, your facility can easily gain insight into what your patients need most.

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