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By Ibby Smith Stofer

- Are you struggling to manage growth without access to financing options?

- Are you missing opportunities to serve new customers or markets because you don't have the right equipment or technology?

- Are your larger customers paying slower and your suppliers unwilling to offer purchase terms to you?

- Are you a solid small or mid-size business that has a proven track record of success?

- Has your local bank or the SBA buried you in paperwork only to be turned down?

If these scenarios are all too familiar to you, we can help.

Providing lease options for businesses is what we do at Med One Capital. We have over 25 years of lending experience, so we understand risks and credits. We work with both manufacturers and businesses to find ways to provide all large and small businesses with success.

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Whether you need a short-term bridge to budget cycle structure or a five to seven-year repayment plan, we can work together to balance your need with your cash flow capability. Don't have the budget for the equipment, but you need new equipment now? No problem, we will defer the payments to your next year's budget. Whether your business is in healthcare, manufacturing as well as a wide range of other businesses we can provide financing to you.

You may be thinking: "Yes, but the process will take forever and there will be tons of paperwork required just like the bank". If that's your expectation, we will surprise and delight you with our prompt, courteous and personal customer service.

What do you have to lose by giving us a call? Let us make it work for you.

Dal Holman
Finance Account Specialist