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How Hospira Pumps Benefit Both Patients and Staff

How Hospira Pumps Benefit Both Patients and Staff

By the year 2024, the global market for infusion pumps is predicted to grow to reach over 5 billion dollars annually. As one of the most in-demand and used pieces of hospital equipment, IV pumps are essential for administering fluids, medications, and nutrients in controlled doses. When operated by trained medical staff, these pumps help significantly reduce the risk of patient harm and overdose.

While there are many different types of IV pumps available, smart pumps, such as Hospira pumps, are completely programmable and use built-in software to increase patient safety further. Pumps like these have significantly improved fluid administration when compared to manual options. To better understand precisely how Hospira pumps have enhanced patient care, let’s look at a couple of key points.

1. Patient Safety

As touched on above, the programable features available in Hospira pumps help to ensure patient safety by reducing the chance of overdose. These pumps can be easily programmed to dispense the correct amount of fluids needed, without the worry of accidents. By using a simple interface, medical staff can easily program and set the pump to the exact amounts, without complication. This simplified yet safer process is something manual administration cannot offer.

2. Dependability and Convenience

Hospira pumps are incredibly dependable, even in the event of a power outage. They are able to continue working using only battery power, these pumps help ensure that even when unplugged, they can continue to deliver the needed fluids without interruption.

3. Record-Keeping

Hospira pumps, along with many other smart pumps, can keep a record of the time and date of each administration. This allows for medical staff to easily see the last time a medication was administered, even if no notes were left elsewhere. This reduces the chances of an overdose, while also making it easier for staff to know when to re-administer additional fluids.

4. User-Friendly Design

Hospira pumps are incredibly intuitive and user friendly. With a touch screen capable of being used even with gloves, the interface itself utilizes an icon system to make finding what you need easier than ever. An interface like this helps differentiate it from other available options, while also making it one of the most user-friendly pumps on the market.

5. Reducing Medication Errors

Medication errors are a real danger in the medical field, and without the proper fail-safes, it can be difficult to avoid due to simple human error. Smart pumps like the Hospira Plum A+ and the ICU Medical (Hospira) Plum 360, reduce this risk by making correct dosing more straightforward. The ability to review previous administrations also helps lower this risk. Combined with the additional safety features such as warning tones to alert staff when blockages or air is detected in the line, smart pumps like these are a must-have.

Safety Above All Else

Smart pumps such as the Alaris or Hospira pumps, are crucial for maintaining the highest quality of patient care and safety. Between their safety features and ease of use, IV pumps such as these can make a real difference when it comes to mitigating risk and ensuring that patients get the fluids prescribed to them.

Additionally, Hospira pumps can either be purchased or rented in refurbished condition through a distributor. The ability to both rent and buy helps ensure that facilities get the equipment they need without unnecessary hassle. For more information on acquiring pumps like these for your facility, reach out to one of our equipment experts and see what options are available to your facility.