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How PCA Pump Modules Benefit Hospitals and Patients

How PCA Pump Modules Benefit Hospitals and Patients

By 2024 the global infusion pump market is projected to reach $5 billion. While infusion pumps are a much needed medical tool, there are several different types that hospitals and clinics can use. Split into two main categories — large and small volume — IV pumps are used to inject a controlled flow of fluids or medication into a patient’s bloodstream. PCA pump modules take this a step further by allowing the patient to take control of when fluids are dispensed, primarily pain medications. There are many benefits to using PCA pump modules, and today we’ll be looking at a few of the most significant.

What is a PCA Pump Module?

A Patient Controlled Analgesia module allows for the injection of fluids, the same as other IV pumps; however, PCA modules contain features that enable patients to administer controlled doses of pain medications to themselves. If a PCA pump is connected to an IV line, a pre-designated amount of medication is dispensed when the patient presses a button. Some can be programmed to release a continuous flow of medication while others work on an as-needed basis.

What are PCA Pump Modules Used For?

Traditionally, PCA pumps are used on patients recovering from surgery, where medication is needed to relieve discomfort and pain. However, PCA pumps can also be used on patients suffering from chronic pain or otherwise healing from a pain-inducing situation.

The Advantages

Using PCA pumps can have many advantages. The most significant can include:

» Consistent Pain Management

Due to a patient knowing best the level of pain they are experiencing, giving them the option to self-administer pain medication as needed allows them to experience a smoother and less painful recovery. While PCA pumps ensure they can’t overdose, being able to administer pain medications as needed can help patients better manage their situation.

» Lower Anxiety

Being in constant pain can take a toll, not just on the body, but on the mind. If pain management is more streamlined and accessible, patients are more likely to have a positive outlook on their recovery, mitigating the risk of unnecessary anxiety or depression.

» Active Participation

When patients can take an active role in their recovery, they tend to recover faster. This can also mitigate the feelings of helplessness that can sometimes plague patients who feel they are unable to help or take care of themselves. PCA pumps help ensure that patients can play a more active role in their recovery. PCA pumps are great additions to hospitals, and they can help give patients the ability to manage their pain better. While all infusion pumps are needed and necessary tools, PCA pumps are an essential part of any hospital equipment.

If you believe your hospital could benefit from the inclusion of these pumps, contact Med One Group to see what options they have available.