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How to Choose Respiratory Ventilators

How to Choose Respiratory Ventilators

With demand sky-high, medical facilities across the world are needing to purchase more respiratory ventilators than ever before. But the circumstances that have increased the demand have also forced medical personnel to take greater care in how they choose respiratory ventilators. While this list is far from all-encompassing, taking into account these qualities can help your facility begin to navigate this choice.

Alarm Functionality

Alarm fatigue is a growing problem, especially in intensive care units. With so many machines giving such a wide variety of alarms, it is easy for nurses and doctors alike to grow desensitized to them. This should be considered when looking at the alarm functionality of ventilators. Because there is no standard alarm system for ventilators, each ventilator may sound an alarm at different levels and for different reasons. Consider what is essential to be alerted of, such as gas supply, inspiratory pressure, or power failure, and be sure these alarms are separate and distinctive.

Battery Performance

Most hospitals are well prepared to keep power during a local power outage, but emergencies are always a possibility. It is vital to be prepared in the unlikely event that a power loss occurs. This needs to be taken into consideration when acquiring any medical equipment, but especially respiratory ventilators. Back-up battery life can vary significantly depending on the ventilator, so choosing a system with longer battery life is a must.

Cost Containment

In a hospital, cost is not simply a matter of making or losing money. It is a matter of resources and having enough available to provide quality care to patients. For this reason, cost containment should also be considered when selecting a respiratory ventilator. Consider not only the upfront cost of the machine but the cost of machine maintenance and repairs. You may also consider whether purchasing machinery outright or leasing equipment is the better choice for your facility. Med One offers respiratory equipment that is available for committed rentals. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many ventilators in our fleet are already with hospitals, but there are still some options available to rent.

At times like these, and at all other points, knowing how to provide the best care possible is one of the highest goals for medical professionals. Knowing how to choose respiratory ventilators well is simply another step toward attaining that goal. And in attaining this goal, we hope to do our part in helping return the world to a more healthful state.