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How To Lower Your Medical Equipment Costs

How To Lower Your Medical Equipment Costs

Medical equipment is an essential investment for hospitals. They allow healthcare professionals to provide a high level of care and offer life-saving treatment to patients. Learning how to lower your medical equipment costs will help hospitals continue supporting patients with the highest quality of patient care possible.

Strategic Purchases

When it comes to acquiring medical equipment, no hospital helps its care by cutting corners. However, that doesn’t mean hospitals should always buy the newest, most expensive option. It pays to keep these principles in mind when deciding how to purchase equipment.

  • Information: Do you have accurate information regarding what this piece of equipment should cost?
  • Prioritize: Does the equipment you are purchasing fill a need you currently have?
  • Data: Does data suggest that upgrading this piece of equipment will improve your facility’s efficiency or care?
  • Options: Are there other models of this same equipment? Or other suppliers I can buy it through? Should I rent this on a monthly basis? Should I finance the equipment to get new devices?
  • Integration: Will the equipment fit seamlessly into the systems you already have in place?

Additionally, keep in mind that in some instances, companies may be willing to offer a small discount. This is especially true if the equipment is higher-priced or you are buying multiple pieces of equipment at once.

Preventative Maintenance

Equipment problems have a high cost in hospitals. Beyond the cost of repairs, it cuts into the number of patients a hospital can treat and take in. Worse than that is the cost of a patient incurring an illness or injury because a piece of equipment was broken or malfunctioning.

Keeping medical equipment running well for as long as possible is key to lowering medical equipment costs. For your facility, this means keeping on top of preventative maintenance of all equipment. This includes inspections, changing filters and batteries, and cleaning equipment regularly.

Equipment Rental

Renting medical equipment helps reduce the upfront cost of acquiring new equipment while still using quality equipment. Additionally, renting equipment helps reduce some of the pressure of preventative maintenance. When you rent medical equipment, the rental provider typically provides support both during preventive maintenance and responds to equipment breakdowns.

Here at Med One Group, our medical equipment rental services will work with your facility to find an equipment solution that will work with your budget. That way, you won’t be forced to choose between supporting your patients and keeping costs down.