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How to Use the Sigma Spectrum IV Pump – Video

As one of the more commonly used infusion pumps, the Baxter Sigma Spectrum is a small and lightweight smart pump that clinicians can use in various healthcare settings. We recently created a new training video to take a closer look at the different features of the Sigma pump, how to use the pump, and a few tricks and tips that will help healthcare workers and educators be able to use this Baxter IV pump effectively.

The Sigma Spectrum is a popular infusion pump in the healthcare market and has maintained this position of popularity for a few main reasons:

  • Small and Lightweight
  • Simple Programming for the Clinician
  • Easy to Transport
  • Dose Error Reduction Software to Avoid Medication Errors
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Custom Drug Library

As with all specialized medical equipment, specialized training is needed for the clinical staff to use the Sigma Spectrum – Baxter IV Pump correctly. The video below features Med One’s Clinical Educator and provides in-depth training on how to correctly perform the many important clinical functions on the pump.

Topics covered in this Sigma Spectrum Infusion Training Video include initial set-up, programming, and running a variety of infusions. The more specialized clinical functions of the device are also covered, such as:

  • Programming an IV Maintenance Fluid
  • Programming an IV Drug
  • Programming a Bolus Dose
  • Programming a Secondary Infusion
  • Programming a Dose Change
  • Using Basic Mode
  • Explanations of the Soft Limits
  • Descriptions of the Hard Limits
  • Fixing Upstream Occlusion Alarm
  • Fixing Downstream Occlusion Alarm
  • Fixing Air In-Line Alarm
  • How the KVO Rate Works
  • Using the Keypad Lock Feature
  • Adjusting the Alarm Settings
  • Adjusting the Runtime Screen Settings

Check out the full training video and learn more about the pump here: