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ICU Medical Plum 360 IV Pump Training

The ICU Medical Plum 360 is a great choice for a smart IV pump for its many unique features. It is a newer model compared to the Hospira Plum A+ and although it has many of the same functionality and features, the Plum 360 leads the way with its safety standards. Equipped with dose-error reduction software (MedNet Safety Software), a customizable drug library, and unique secondary delivery options, this device helps clinicians and nurses to improve patient safety.

We recently filmed a training video featuring the Plum 360 pump to take a closer look at this plum iv pump and show the most common used featured on the device. In the training video, we cover some of the following topics:

  • The basics of how to use the Plum 360
  • How to Program an Infusion
  • Overview of the Plum 360 cassette
  • Concurrent and Piggyback delivery using the cassette
  • Custom drug library
  • And so much more!

Check out the video and learn more about this popular smart iv pump here: ICU Medical Plum 360 IV Pump.