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Improving Care with Automated IV Pumps

Improving Care with Automated IV Pumps

When it comes to making sure a patient gets the right amount of fluid in his or her IV, there are two different methods: manually and by using an electric pump. Performing an infusion by hand requires a lot of work. You have to be able to accurately judge the amount you are administering and also periodically monitor the setup to make sure it is performing up to spec—and safely. For this and other reasons, many people choose to use smart pumps to get the job done. Getting the right amounts of IV fluid into a patient is not something that should be a matter of guesswork. Also, anything that can be done to lighten the load for nurses, who are often severely overworked, is an investment in peace of mind. Here are some of the reasons many professionals are incorporating smart pumps into their practices.

Reduction of Errors

The human body is a sensitive, delicate mechanism. Even though it can fight off disease and heal itself, the wrong amount of the wrong—or right—fluid can be hazardous. The body needs to maintain a state of homeostasis, and it doesn’t take much to upset that delicate balance. An IV is something that introduces fluid into the body that otherwise would not have gotten there. The IV is meant to administer fluid in the right dosage properly, but if there is too much infused, there could be severe consequences. What began as a life-improving measure could have the opposite effect. Smart pumps such as the Sigma Spectrum offer a more sure-fire way of administering IV’s. They can make it, so the dosage is never a matter of guesswork or estimation. Even the most skilled nurse or doctor can make errors after calculating the correct amount of fluid to be administered. The use of a Sigma Spectrum pump helps eliminate the chance of this happening. This pump makes the environment in the hospital or treatment facility safer for patients. It also enhances the quality of service offered.

Also, it helps make the work environment better for professionals who have to administer IV’s. Anything that can be done to make the job of a healthcare professional more comfortable is worth the expense. Whether you use a Sigma Spectrum, Alaris Smart Pumps, Baxter IV Pumps or buy an infusion pump of a different brand, the investment is going to pay off many times over in the form of doing the jobs of those who use them more manageable. This way, they can have more time to focus on other things that need attention in the hospital or medical facility.

Infusion Capabilities

An infusion pump system, such as the Sigma Spectrum is not a static machine that is not customizable. It can be custom-fit to different needs and situations. There are many instances where having something too bulky to reposition can cost valuable time and energy. If there is a need to triage a patient in a less-than-ideal location, having a modular system that can make the infusion process easier could be a lifesaver. Also, because hospitals are under the stress of handling emergencies from time-to-time, it is helpful to have an infusion system that adapts to a variety of locations in the building. Using a smart infusion system will give you the freedom to use it in a non-traditional setting, and this can give you the flexibility you need to help a higher number of patients.

A Simple User Interface

You don’t have to be a tech expert in using a Sigma Spectrum or similar infusion pump. You don’t even have to be fully computer literate. The user interface is easy to use. It is easy to read as well, which makes administering IVs while in a rush easier. The accuracy you get coupled with the ease of use makes all these different types of IV pumps excellent solutions for virtually any medical facility.

These are just some of the benefits of using infusion pumps. When making any medical purchasing decision, you want to keep the patient’s care first. An automated pump simplifies the patient’s experience and improves patient safety.