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Programmable Infusion Pump Market Predicted To Expand Rapidly Through 2025

Programmable Infusion Pump Market Predicted To Expand Rapidly Through 2025

Since the 1960s, infusion pumps have become a fixture in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. But in the digital age, it makes sense that a higher-tech version would be more preferred. Due to field advancements, increased availability, and patient demand, the programmable infusion pump market is expected to expand rapidly through 2025.

North America is currently leading the market, comprised of equipment like the Alaris smart pumps, more than 70% of all U.S. hospitals were using this equipment in 2013. According to data, 65-75% of large volume pumps and 50-60% of syringe pumps used in North America were of the “smart” variety. The appeal of smart infusion pumps includes increased safety and effectiveness in reducing medication errors. These both have contributed to market growth, along with increased cases of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and obesity all around the world.

Unfortunately, IV infusion pumps have been involved in their share of adverse patient drug events. Because smart pumps are equipped with software that promotes safety and correlates with healthcare drug data, patient safety is typically increased. While they do represent a costlier option, healthcare facilities of considerable size see these programmable infusion pumps as a worthwhile investment that benefits both patients and the facilities themselves.

Smart pump technology continues to evolve and has immense appeal in an increasingly automated world. With more patients in need of infusion technologies to manage their health conditions, both in hospitals and at home, it's no surprise that the market is predicted to grow. These pumps are becoming more readily available and equipped with enhanced operational features, user-friendly and ergonomic designs, and better portability. For these reasons smart pumps are now more in-demand than ever.

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