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Med One and the Turner Smart-C Mini C-Arm

Med One and the Turner Smart-C Mini C-Arm

By Ibby Smith Stofer

When innovative technology and creative finance bring higher quality, lower costs, and better patient satisfaction to a facility, everyone wins.

The Med One Group and Turner Imaging Systems partnership brings true point-of-care imaging technology (Smart C) to healthcare providers in multiple settings. The partnership is a shared commitment to improving access to technologies that enhance quality, accessibility and meet both clinical and financial goals.

The Turner Smart-C Mini C-Arm in the Marketplace

Although small, the mini c-arm is designed with accuracy, flexibility, and portability all while producing top-of-the-line radiographic and fluoroscopic images for surgeons and clinics. The Smart-C technology has allowed Turner to receive multiple awards including:

2022 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) Silver Medal in the category of Radiological, Imaging, and Electromechanical Devices.

Air Force SBIR Phase II contract of $749,872. The objective is to develop an operationally deployable dual-use (Rad/Fluoro) X-ray imaging device for diagnosis/treatment of the modern soldier.

Utah Innovation Awards (2019) Life Science Medical Device finalist.

The flexibility and portability have made it the choice of professional and college sports doctors, and hand and ankle physicians. It is also quickly becoming the product of choice for ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals nationwide.

About Med One Group

Med One’s history of providing medical device companies and health care providers innovative financial options that improve care and costs in multiple care settings was attractive to Turner Imaging. Using their experience with creative equipment options, Med One and Turner recently introduced a subscription program designed to allow for immediate use and reimbursement using the Smart C with attractive low monthly payments.

To increase market awareness of the Smart-C Med One has also entered a distributor program to improve access through direct representation. With this dedicated focus on selling the Smart-C arm, more surgery centers, clinics, hospitals, and sports teams will be able to acquire this innovative technology.