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National Healthcare Supply Chain Week

National Healthcare Supply Chain Week

By Ibby Smith Stofer

Congratulations to All Healthcare Supply Chain Professionals for the excellent work that you do!

In celebration of National Healthcare Supply Chain Week, Med One offers to you a simple solution to some of your most common capital acquisition dilemmas.

  • What if you could surprise your clinical staff by getting their project approved even after it was turned down for lack of funds?
  • What if you could eliminate the risks often associated with new technology by showing risk management an option to return equipment at anytime?
  • What if you could partner with financial officers by structuring a project that will move into the next budget cycle, build equity with each rental payment and still meet your immediate clinical needs?
  • What if you could do all these the above without terms and conditions other than those on your hospital purchase order?

With our help, the answer to all of these questions can be “yes!” Med One Capital pioneered the Equity Rental solution to help professionals like you close the gap between need versus budget or risk.

Through this solution you can continue to work with your supplier(s) of choice at the prices you’ve already negotiated. You can do this directly with Med One or have the manufacturer’s representative work with us in your behalf.

Based on the equipment and pricing you have, Med One will provide you with a quote or contact your supplier to work out payment details, and you will receive the product directly from them entirely based on the purchase order you issue to Med One. In addition to the equipment, your rental payment can cover software and services associated with the use of the equipment. If at some point during the rental it becomes possible or preferable to purchase, you will be given a 50% credit of all rental payments made through the date of purchase. This equity will be deducted from the original price of the equipment.

We welcome your inquiries and know you will be delighted with this option. Our contact information and website are listed below. Thank you for all you do to help improve patient care through balancing all the conflicting needs of your organization.

Best always,
The Med One Capital Team