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National Hospital Week

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Thank you. It is just two words, but when you offer it to the dedicated, professionals who work every day to make people of all ages in our hospitals be a little more comfortable these two words can go a long way.

These individuals can be those who sweep or clean the rooms, who serve the meals, or those who clean the equipment used in daily care, to the laundry or the cafeteria where friends and families seek rest from caring. Or perhaps they are the nurses, physicians or technicians who interact with the patient. Whatever job they hold it often goes unthanked by patients and their families who simply miss that opportunity.

This week is National Hospital Week, please join Med One Capital as we extend a huge THANK YOU to all those who have chosen to work within a hospital. We value not only your business but your dedication and all that you do.

Visit the American Hospital Association website for more ways to get the word out about #HospitalWeek and support the work our hospitals do.