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Used Alaris System

By Ibby Smith Stofer

How will you know if buying used medical equipment is right for you? What do you need to ask, know and consider?

As most of us know, there are risks and rewards to buying used products, whether it’s a home, car, computer or other piece of technology.

Healthcare equipment has the same risk-and-reward balance, but it can have a much wider impact if what you get is not what you assumed it would be.

Do you think that hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes or nursing or respiratory training schools always buy new?

Rapid technology advancement, changes to reimbursement and insurance, as well as often being for-profit institutions has made buying used medical equipment and medical equipment leasing an interesting and attractive option for many of these businesses.

To capitalize on this trend, businesses have flourished as the focus on healthcare costs and technology continues to climb. There are businesses that approach both hospitals and manufacturers to buy equipment that has been replaced by newer models. There are companies that will sell “as is”, others who will refurbish prior to selling, and some that just put it up for sale on the internet under the label of “buyer beware”. Some even offer equipment for sale that they do not have in inventory, but will receive an order then search the internet to find it and resell it.

What if you could tip the scale of risk-versus-cost in your favor?

What considerations should the buyer make before buying used medical equipment?

Before buying any used medical equipment one must perform their due diligence.

What equipment is needed to provide training or patient care?

What are the acceptable features that you need in order to utilize this equipment?

Does the manufacturer offer a direct “used” or “refurbished” option?

Does the manufacturer support equipment that is purchased as used or solely support original buyers (provide updates/parts/training)?

Does the manufacturer support “used or refurbished equipment dealers”?

If you have decided to consider purchasing used medical equipment you can use the internet to identify potential sellers.

Generally, resellers will advertise specific manufacturers and models as well as categories on their websites.

Once you have found sources for the equipment you’re looking to purchase, there are lists of questions that you will want to insure you get answered before making a decision.

Used Philips MP50 Monitor

Questions for the seller include:

Do you own the equipment?

What is the history of ownership or use of this equipment?

Where was it used?

For how long?

Who maintained or provided service on it?

Was it involved in any recall and was that corrected by the manufacturer?

What type of warranty will you offer?

Is it being sold?
- As Is?
- Cosmetically reconditioned or cosmetically repaired?
- Fully refurbished?

If you did repairs, or refurbishment: is your staff authorized to do so by the manufacturer?

Do you use OEM parts for repair?

When would it be available for delivery?

How long have you been in the business of reselling/refurbishing medical equipment?

Who is responsible for shipping costs?

Are there any installation requirements?

If there is included software, what is the version on the device and is it current?

What is the discount off the current price for new equipment that you offer? Generally, used equipment will be 25-30% below the costs of new equipment.

Ask for pictures that include the model and serial number. Contact the manufacturer to make sure the unit is not stolen or under a FDA mandated recall limiting its use in your business. They may also be able to confirm or supply a history of ownership, service and recalls. Be sure to ask tor that information.

Whether you are purchasing medical equipment for a school, a clinic, medical office or stand-alone surgery center you need to buy with confidence.

The decision to buy used medical equipment often meets financial and clinical goals and assist in meeting the patient care needs. Knowing that you have the right equipment at the right price is reassuring. Equally important is knowing that you have purchased from a firm or individual who will support you after the sale is equally as important and often overlooking this can be a very costly and painful experience.

Med One Capital offers many types of equipment for resale. We know the history; we use OEM parts, and have relationships with the manufacturer. We have been in the business of making medical equipment available for twenty-five years and stand behind the sale. We are ready to answer any questions and supply you with a quote for any equipment in our inventory that meets your specific needs.

Please explore our site to see if we can meet your needs, and if not, give us a call, and we will try to help you find a reliable source. Here is a link to our equipment sales site:

We wish you well in your choice of sellers, equipment and services.