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Reasons To Rent Infusion Pumps

Reasons To Rent Infusion Pumps

There are only a few sights more common in a hospital than infusion pumps. They stand as silent sentinels at patient bedsides providing life-saving fluids and medications to those with critical injuries, illnesses, or those with debilitating conditions. Because of their essential nature, finding the means to acquire these devices is necessary for providing the highest quality patient care. Read ahead for reasons to rent infusion pumps.

Volume of Pumps Needed

Patient care can be expensive, and the price of medical equipment is one factor that can drive up the cost. Given the volume of pumps that a hospital requires in order to meet the needs of patients, purchasing infusion pumps can set a medical facility back. Choosing to rent infusion pumps takes a large portion of the upfront cost of acquiring them. Even if a hospital already has a supply of infusion pumps, renting pumps is a way to temporarily augment a facility’s supply in the case of a patient influx or at times when emergency room visits are more common.

Preventative Maintenance

Because infusion pumps are so critical to patients, they must be kept from breaking down unexpectedly. Preventative maintenance is key to keeping this from happening. When you rent medical equipment, the company you rent from typically provides maintenance services for the equipment. This way, the equipment is kept up and running, and your patients are kept safe.

Lease-To-Own Options

One factor that makes facilities hesitant to rent is cost. Renting medical equipment has a significantly lower initial cost; however, you may end up paying more over time than if you owned the equipment. Fortunately, it is possible to get the benefits of both choices through lease-to-own options. With this option, you can avoid exorbitant initial costs while still eventually being able to keep the device. Many companies will offer a customized plan for medical pumps with a lease-to-own option to better meet your own and your patients’ needs.

Med One is an industry leader and specializes in medical equipment rental and leasing solutions. Renting infusion pumps from us gives you peace of mind that you will be able to effectively care for your patients, confidence that the pumps have been fully serviced, and the flexibility to rent them for the amount of time that is needed for your facility.