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Reasons Your Facility Needs To Use Alaris Pumps

Reasons Your Facility Needs To Use Alaris Pumps

Innovation is necessary to keep the science industry moving forward. This is especially true of the medical field. Making improvements helps us save lives and improve the quality of care for all patients. Alaris pumps have advanced the practice of providing intravenous therapy to patients. It’s innovative nature is just one of the reasons your facility needs to use Alaris pumps

Versatility - Different Modalities

The versatility of the Alaris system sets it apart from other infusion pumps. These are the only collection of pumps that can deliver the Large Volume, End Tidal CO2, Syringe, and Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) modules from a single platform. That means that a single unit can infuse blood, medicine, and fluids, and also measure carbon dioxide levels over varying periods of time. Alaris pumps can function as single, double, triple, or quad pumps, meaning they can administer multiple fluids at once.

Efficiency - Customizable Drug Library

Each Alaris pump can be programmed with a customizable drug library to fit the needs of each facility. This library sorts the drugs in alphabetical order. Nurses can access it easily when the pump is being programmed for a new patient. Healthcare providers can quickly and accurately program the pumps depending on the drug, and they can also make adjustments based on whether the patient is an adult, child, or infant.

Safety - Guardrails Technology

Alaris pumps also feature Guardrails technology. This helps prevent dangerous IV medication errors. When facilities add a medication to their library, they can include limits on the amount of a drug administered at one time. The pump will then notify staff or even stop dispensing if it reaches a certain limit. This is especially valuable for the Alaris’ PCA module, and it is one of the more essential reasons why facilities should use Alaris pumps

At Med One Group, we believe in the power of innovation in medicine. That’s why we supply Alaris and other top-of-the-line medical pumps. We want to help your medical facility continue to make strides toward better patient care.