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Roadblocks Hospitals Face When Acquiring Equipment

Roadblocks Hospitals Face When Acquiring Equipment

By Sage Parker

From medical equipment shortages to an increase in patients, 2020 brought many new challenges to the healthcare industry. Most of these challenges have slowly diminished with the passing of time, but 2020 didn’t just bring new challenges, it also increased pre-existing challenges, most notably the challenge for acquiring new equipment.

The Budget Crisis

Budgeting restrictions have plagued the healthcare industry for decades. Before any equipment is purchased, hospital board members want to know what purpose the equipment will serve and if it will hold its value over time. Not only is the price of the equipment considered, but also the cost to train staff on using the new equipment. In today’s market you are not only dealing with a budget crisis, but as Robb Stevens, SVP of Equipment Leasing at Med One said we are dealing with a “quadruple threat of labor shortages, supply chain issues, inflation, and rising interest rates.” When considering these roadblocks, many would assume that there is little possibility of acquiring new equipment. However, Med One has the solution.

The Med One Solution

With over 30 years of experience Med One has sought and consistently continues to perfect the way in which hospitals can afford and receive the equipment they need, when they need it. Med One believes that Creativity, Simplicity, and Responsiveness are vital when serving our customers. From offering medical equipment financing, rental, or sales options, Med One is dedicated to finding the solution that works for you. If your situation is unique, our sales teams are experienced in creating solutions that care for your specific needs while addressing any possible roadblocks. Along with providing the best deal in acquiring new equipment, Med One is also dedicated in providing the information needed to know which equipment will best serve your facility and patients, along with training videos on how to use your selected products. Med One believes that healthcare is important for all, and we are dedicated to working with hospitals’ specific financial circumstances to provide the equipment they need.