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The Different Types of Medical Suction Pump Machines

The Different Types of Medical Suction Pump Machines

Many factors are working against medical professionals when they are performing surgery. Bodies are filled with fluids that can lessen a surgeon’s visibility or create a potentially dangerous situation for patients.

This is where medical pumps become necessary. But to best meet the needs of the patients and surgeons who operate on them, one must be familiar with the different types of medical suction pump machines.

Surgical Pump

As the name would suggest, surgical pumps are designed to be used during and after surgery. A large part of this is to help remove blood, mucus, and broken bones and tissues, so surgeons have a clear line of sight while operating.

But these types of pumps can also help with the surgery itself. For instance, a patient who has suffered from a hemorrhage will often have a build-up of blood which can prove incredibly dangerous. Suction pumps can help remove this blood easily.

Airway Pump

One of the common problems behind respiratory issues is the build-up of mucus and other fluids disrupting airways. In these instances, airway suction is crucial to remove this fluid so patients get the oxygen they need. There are several ways to perform this procedure, including:

  • Oropharyngeal: Removes throat fluids via a tube inserted directly into the throat.
  • Nasopharyngeal: Removes throat fluids via a tube that passes through the nose.
  • Nasotracheal: Clears fluid from the lower airway via a tube that passes through the nose.

Additionally, facilities can use airway suction pump machines to clear fluid caught in artificial airways for tracheostomy tubes.

Multipurpose Pump

In some cases, medical suction pumps are designed to perform both surgical and airway clearing functions. These versatile pumps are especially useful in ambulances and emergency rooms where you are never sure what kind of patient injury you may face.