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The Importance of Regular Medical Technology Servicing

The Importance of Regular Medical Technology Servicing

Continual and regular servicing of a facility's medical technology contributes significantly to the functionality and safety of their services. Failing to upkeep devices and technology can be the difference between life and death for a patient's outcome. With the help of outsourcing regular maintenance, you can ensure your facility is cost-effectively practicing the safest medicine.

Let's review the importance of regular medical technology servicing and its benefits.


The safety and care of patients are a facility's top priority, but administrators and management must concern themselves with the operating costs and budget. Having regular medical technology servicing scheduled and within the budget allows for smooth operations and prevents device replacement.

Technology and devices are the components that stand between care providers and patients. In an accident or faulty mechanical error, a facility risks costly litigation or unfortunate outcomes.

Elevated Patient Safety

With the top priority centralized around patient safety and care, regular medical technology servicing plays a significant role in upholding the facility's ability to maintain this standard. If technology is malfunctioning continuously or providers overlook error codes, there is no way to ensure adequate medicine administration or optimal device functions.

These medical devices and technology are life and death bridges for patients. Things such as infusion pumps, respiratory equipment, and monitors are designed to deliver intricate and accurate health care.

The CareFusion Alaris pump, in particular, specializes in protecting providers and patients from inaccurate medication delivery. Regular servicing of this technology can ensure the best results and optimal performance.

Regulatory Compliance

Like many things in health care, a facility must adhere to federal regulations and guidelines. These standards are in place to protect facilities, patients, and administration. A survey process allows for the inspection and guarantee of medical technology safety. Overlooking this process can damage the integrity of care offered.

Other things a facility must comply with include:

  • Inventory management
  • Abiding by individual manufacturing recommendations
  • Identification of any high-risk technology in the inventory

To learn more about regular medical technology servicing, reach out to Med One Group today. We offer a range of services that guarantee a facility's ability to provide quality care.