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The Role of Respiratory Equipment Used in Medical Facilities

The Role of Respiratory Equipment Used In Medical Facilities

A patient's outcome relies heavily on your ability to provide specialized care. Here are a few pieces of respiratory equipment and how they function.

The characteristics of respiratory equipment have grown exponentially through the years. With respiratory diseases and related illnesses affecting more people each year, the advancement of these devices benefits both facilities and patients. The role of respiratory equipment used in medical facilities works to improve the patient's pulmonary functions and remove mucus from airways.

Let's look at the various units a facility may use and how they can benefit patient outcomes!


A commonly used piece of hospital respiratory equipment is a respirator. A respirator is a requirement in preventing diseases that result from inhaling contaminated air. These devices are necessary for protecting patients from dangerous environments with low oxygen levels and hazardous air particles.

A few devices that deliver adequate respiratory care include:


Depending on the needs of a patient, you can provide hospital ventilator equipment. The function of a ventilation system can recreate the breathing process by pumping air into the patient's lungs. Generally, a doctor will choose a ventilator for any patient struggling to breathe on their own or someone going under anesthesia.

Some standard ventilators used are:
  • Covidien HT-70 – transportable and practical for children and adults
  • Drager V500 – acute care provider with advanced vent and monitoring
  • Hamilton G5 – makes automatic adjustments and provides real-time optimizing


An oxygen concentrator plays a significant role in respiratory equipment used in medical facilities. For common breathing conditions like asthma, COPD, and the flu, a doctor can prescribe a concentrator to help a patient maintain oxygen levels.

Easily mistaken for an oxygen tank, which delivers oxygen in the form of a liquid or gas, a concentrator pulls environmental air and filters the nitrogen out. If a patient needs a higher concentration level, they can utilize a facemask.

If your facility seeks quality equipment to assist in respiratory care, reach out to Med One Group today!