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Top Syringe Pumps - Choosing the Right Syringe Pump for Your Needs

Top Syringe Pumps - Choosing the Right Syringe Pump for Your Needs

Are you looking for the best syringe pumps for your medical facility or research lab? Syringe pumps are vital for delivering fluids and medication at controlled rates. Knowing the latest features and functionalities can be crucial when choosing the right pump for your needs.

With that in mind, we created a video that looks at the top 3 syringe pumps on the market today, giving you a rundown of their strengths and key features. Those 3 pumps are the Alaris 8110, Medfusion 4000, and B Braun Perfusor Space.

Large-Volume vs. Syringe Pumps

Like large-volume infusion pumps, syringe pumps are used in various healthcare settings. However, syringe pumps are specifically designed to deliver smaller, more precise amounts of medication to patients. This makes them ideal for critical care, pediatrics, neonates, and other patient conditions where precise dosing is essential.

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Top 3 Syringe Pump Models:

Alaris 8110 (BD)

The Alaris 8110 is a modular syringe pump that is part of the Alaris system by BD. It offers a bright color screen, numeric keypad, and Guardrail safety software to prevent medication errors. The system is compatible with standard syringes ranging from 1 ml to 60 ml and features an auto-detect barrel clamp for secure loading.

  • Intended Use: Delivers fluids, medication, enteral nutrition, blood, and blood products
  • Flow Rate Range: 0.01-999 ml/hr
  • Syringe Compatibility: BD, Monoject, Terumo (1 ml to 60 ml)
  • Additional Features: Drug library, pressure monitoring capabilities with specific BD tubing sets
Medfusion 4000 (ICU Medical)

The Medfusion 4000 syringe pump features a horizontal design, large screen, and numeric keypad for ease of use. It boasts a PharmGuard medication safety software and FlowSentry monitor for advanced safety features.

  • Intended Use: Delivers precisely controlled infusions including blood, medications, and enteral nutrition
  • Flow Rate Range: 0.0-1130 ml/hr
  • Syringe Compatibility: BD, Monoject, Terumo, B. Braun (1 ml to 60 ml)
  • Additional Features: Medication safety software, pressure monitoring technology
Perfusor Space (B. Braun)

The Perfusor Space syringe pump by B. Braun is a lightweight and portable option ideal for adult, pediatric, and neonatal use. Cleared for both ground and air transport, this pump is particularly suitable for transporting patients.

  • Intended Use: Delivers infusions or enteral nutrition for adults, pediatrics, and neonates
  • Flow Rate Range: 0.0-999 ml/hr
  • Syringe Compatibility: BD, Terumo, Monoject, B. Braun (1 ml to 60 ml)
  • Additional Features: Lightweight and portable, stackable design

Choosing the Right Pump:

The best syringe pump for your needs will depend on a number of factors, including the types of fluids you will be delivering, the flow rates you need, and the portability requirements. Check out the video to learn more or contact us to learn more about our selection of syringe pumps.

Please Note: This is not an all-inclusive list of syringe pump brands used in hospital settings. Alaris BD, B Braun, ICU Medical, and others make updates, changes, and can alter the names of the infusion systems that are on the market; please refer to each manufacturer’s website for the most up-to-date information.